January 26, 2021
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Bundle VII • Complete your collection!

Special Bundle Pricing! In this Bundle you will receive 5 issues of Shadow & Light Magazine, and save 50% over single-issue price!
May/June 2020: Marc Toso, Catherine Panebianco, Jane Ivory, and Chehalis Hegner. Columns by E.E. McCollum, Alain Briot, and Steve Immel.
July/August 2020: Nevada Wier (cover artist), Ray Bidegain, Angelika Buettner, Jesse Diamond, Erika Masterson, David Duplessie, Steve Immel, E.E. McCollum, and Alain Briot.
September/October 2020: Special Portrait Issue, Michele Zousmer, Grand Prize Winner (cover image, left), Bobbi Lane, Elaine Heron, Greg Markstrom, Jamie Johnson, Kirsten Fenton; Single Image Showcase Winners: Diana Bloomfield, France LeClerc, Irving Greines, Jacqueline Asplundh, JP Terlizzi, Olga Merrill, Ron Cooper, Terri Gold, Susan Hillyard
Also: Behind the Scenes: Tim Anderson, A Portrait Primer in Four Parts; Telling Stories: Steve Immel, 110 Degrees in the Shade
November/December 2020: Mitch Dobrowner (cover artist), Tim Leperes, E.E. McCollum, Tim Anderson, Brooks Jensen, Allan Barnes, Jamie Johnson, Tira Howard, Steve Immel, David Duplessie, Andy Ilachinsky, Kean, Janney Claire Alexi, Susan Hillyard, Terri Gold
January/February 2021: Beth Moon (cover artist), Catharine Carter, Kimberly Chiaris, Tim Anderson, E.E. McCollum, Beau Lippman, Single Image Showcase: David Duplessie, Terri Gold, Susan Hillyard, Andrew Ilachinsky, Kean, Janney-Claire Alexi, Steve Immel

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