July 2, 2021 • Issue XLVII
Changes are coming, reader

As one might expect, changes tend to happen every couple of years, and The Journal will be moving forward with a few changes in format and delivery schedule.

I have recently been in several meetings (online) in which other newsletter providers who have voiced the same challenges as The Journal was facing: sameness of material as many other newsletters, lack of response from subscribers (which we each agreed was our fault not theirs!), irregular delivery schedule, etc.

To that end we came a up with a few ideas that we hope will engage our readers more, as well as increase our individual subscription levels.

Our collective hope is that we can create communications that are more informative in the areas that interest you. We all agreed to work closer with our readers in an effort to solicit ideas and contributions from our audience. We want this process to create a certain trust that we will work as hard as we can to earn it.

One of the best ways we can achieve this is by sticking to a schedule of release, and adding periodic surveys to the mix. And listening to you.

The Journal will return in its full form next Friday (7/09/2021), and will be published every other Friday, thereafter

That's it for now and I will keep you posted about forthcoming changes.

Enjoy the Holiday and don't play with fire!
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I thank you all for your readership and continued support!
And.... now that you can, get outta da house!

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