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Happy New Year, reader

Shadow & Light Magazine 2019...

As I write this note it is barely 30-degrees. I know for some of you this is nothing! It is for me, however, because I am spoiled by the fairly gentle weather conditions experienced here, in the beautiful Southwest.

As Shadow & Light Magazine eases into its 6th year, we are grateful to all the contributors who have made it what it is today. More than 250 creative individuals, including a tireless staff, have added their talent, images, writing, editing, and a myriad of other artistic processes to make the magazine one of the best full-color PDF/printed photographic publications available.

Many of you have entered calls-for-entry, taken part in drawings, subscribed, bought single issues, etc. A little while ago, we were toying with the idea of raising our subscription and single-issue rates. After much consideration, it has been decided to leave them where they are: $14.50/annual subscription and $3.99 for single issues.

While that all adds to our bottom line, it still takes much more to keep Shadow & Light Magazine in publication. We appreciate every dollar that comes our way.

We are working on ways to enhance your experience on the site, and in our publications. Many of those changes will happen over time, while some may occur very soon!

You probably noticed that we are releasing more Special Issues. That is directly because you have asked for that. At this time we have three Special Issues: The Alternative Process, The Black & White Issue, and The Portraits Issue.

Another item we are happy about is there are quite a few portfolios coming our through the submission process.

We are always open to suggestions (, and welcome accolades as well as constructive insights.

Beginning in January, our newsletter, The Journal will be released bi-monthly. This is simply because there is so much going on in our exciting photographic pursuits that one issue per month is not enough! It is still and will remain forever free.

OK. That's it from this little corner of the universe. We wish you, one and all, a very happy, enlightening, growth-oriented, satisfying, and safe 2020!
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