April 28, 2020 • Issue XXXIII
Well now, reader
There are rumors that the country will begin to "open" May 1. I am not sure about that. It might be good if we remain vigilant for a while longer. I have no problem living in a safe manner for a bit longer. I certainly don't want any more of this to linger, and linger, and linger.

I do miss my studio and the space. I miss reaching for something and there it is. I miss turning my music up! I miss having one-on-one meetings with clients and friends. Zooming ain't the same thing! Am I right? I miss having everything I need in one space, without having to make a list for an excursion to the studio.

Be good. Be safe. Wash your hands. Wear your gloves. Wear your facemasks. See you soon, my friends!
Only a couple of days left to enter! The Walkabout call-for-entry, is continuing with a final deadline of April 30, 2020. This is one in which your challenge is to get out of the house and talk a walk. Whether it is in your backyard, a very local park, around a few blocks. You get the message. Go out, capture a few images and send them in. Aimée Madsen's submission (above) is a another wonderful example of a "Walkabout" staying-close-to-home image. Good job, Aimée!

This is a very informal CFE where the winner will receive a full portfolio feature in the next Shadow & Light Magazine, which will be released May 15, 2020. Take a peek, here, for additional information and to view a handful of current entries. It really can't be any easier. Only $10 gets you in!
Check out my new post, "A decision once made...," which addresses the need for change... Go on over to the Shadow & Light Magazine site, here, to read all about it!
It's not what is in front of the camera that counts, it's what is behind the camera that makes the difference!


5 Reasons to use Photoshop Layers & Masks instead of Lightroom

Have you noticed that, in the last few years, Lightroom is becoming more and more “Photoshop-like” by adding HDR and panoramic blending?

There’s a reason for that. Lightroom is a great tool for image management and RAW processing, however some post processing workflow requires Photoshop Layers and Mask because it simply cannot be done in Lightroom, or at least done very well.

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the-journal-33-tech-radar-why-the-Canon-EOS- R5-could-be-mind-blowing-for-video-according-to-a-director

Why the Canon EOS R5 could be 'mind blowing' for video, according to a director

The Canon EOS R5’s latest teaser announcement caused quite a stir this week. Not only is this relatively small, full-frame mirrorless camera shaping up to be a powerful stills camera, it appears to have cinema-grade video powers, too.

Thanks to Mike Noonan for this piece...
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8 Game-Changing Photography Accessories That Deserve a Closer Look

We spend a lot of time thinking about which cameras and lenses we should buy. You could even say we fetishize about them, but for some reason we never seem to do the same for photography accessories.

Photography accessories such as filters and even computer accessories can make our lives as photographers so much easier.

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Who Says There’s No Un-Suck Filter?

In my first book, Within The Frame, before all of this blew up and I became a writer (and just how exactly did that happen, anyway?) I wrote that “there was no Un-Suck filter in our photography” and since I didn’t get a flood of emails asking me what on God’s green earth I was talking about, I assumed people knew what I meant. That it’s easy to take photographs that suck, and to make many of them, and that there was no filter you could put on the camera or apply in Photoshop that would absent the suck from the image once it was there.
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Is Sony's medium format camera with a curved sensor almost ready?

Is a medium format Sony camera with a curved sensor on the way? Whether or not such a camera ever makes it to market, Sony's research and development teams are certainly designing one.

A fresh batch of patents reveals Sony lenses formulas for a medium format camera with a curved sensor – and we know that Sony has been high on curved sensor technology dating back to 2014. Could this be the company's play to take the lead on revolutionary new tech,

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Can You Make Large Prints From Phone Photos?

t is generally accepted that phone photos are fine for sharing on the web or on Instagram, but for larger applications, you need a dedicated camera. But with modern phones making great leaps in image quality, you might wonder if you can actually get acceptable or even good larger prints from a phone image.

This great video examines the sort of print quality you can expect from images shot on a modern smartphone.
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Make a working camera lens… from a roll of toilet paper!

All photographers suffer from gear acquisition syndrome, but during lockdown there was one thing even more coveted than new camera kit: toilet paper. So bored photographer Mathieu Stern did the only logical thing, and combined these two urges to hoard.

"There is no concrete reason why we need more toilet paper than usual during this Pandemic but maybe one good reason is that everyone want's to make camera lenses?"

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35 Gorgeous Pictures of Spring

We’ve put together posts with inspirational photos for summer, fall, and winter, and now we’re finally showcasing the beauty of spring! Though it’s the last season we’re featuring, it’s certainly not the least interesting, especially for nature photographers. Here are some of the best subjects to photograph this spring.

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