August 17, 2023
Fall is sneaking up on us, reader

••• With all the weather changes we have been experiencing in New Mexico, as well as most other places on this planet, we almost have little or no respite from season to season. Most of all, right now, my heart goes out everyone affected by the Lahaina fires. It is almost too much to even comprehend.

My new show at "N4th Art Center" (Albuquerque, NM) is set for November 10, 2023. The curators have let me know that this will be an event, not just a simple opening. There will be multi-media presentations from a variety of artists, including sculpture, photography, painting, etc. My work will be presented in my new presentation method that features, "no glass • no reflections." You can view a test print I prepared recently (image above). All work will be from my on-going series, Light & Shadow. The image illustrated had just been coated with a final layer of solution. This is how it looks and will take about 30 minutes to dry, but I will let it sit for about two more days before I mount it. It will be clear when it dries.

My wall in this multi-artist Holiday Special Event will have 15 images mounted on cradleboard, from the aforementioned series. Additional information is promised as I receive it.

It has been almost 3 months since my total knee replacement and I am healing well. My physical therapist says that I am ahead of rehab process and gave me a thumbs-up! Then, in mid-November I will have the other knee done. What a great way to spend the holidays!

• I am in the final stages of preparing a new coaching product, which is tentatively named, Developing a Creative Vision. This will be a signature piece of my coaching/teaching programs. It will last one year and will consist of 12 monthly meetings, as well as periodic day trips, unique homework assignments, other local meet-ups, combined with Zoom and in-person meetings, if you live in the Albuquerque region.

I decided to offer this format because my regular One-2-One coaching system was proving too difficult for students to complete homework assignments in a meaningful way. There is only a one-week separation between assignments, which has proven very challenging with that format.

As a way of offering a much more in-depth learning experience, the new program was developed to enable teacher and student alike to be able to dig much deeper into the value of developing a creative eye.

Developing a Creative Eye will only accept up to 4 students. For additional information, which is still in the developmental stage, please follow this link.

This notice is only going out to former students of mine. You will have first dibs and this is working out to be an incredible journey!
Image: Stage 2, Tim Anderson, sample print for Light & Shadow Exhibit.
If you have any challenges at all with the links, let me know.

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