December 13, 2023 • Update 13
Is it Spring, yet, reader

This is it!

Some of you have been in on this journey since the beginning. Evidently, you must have some reason, unless it's just to torment me.

I don't need to wax prolific on what the Course may do for you. You have read all its iterations.

According to the dates listed below, I will be sending out a notice to our social media friends tomorrow in an effort to fill out the enrollment. I would rather you have the opportunity do that.

In light of that I am willing to cut the up-front cost in half. If you are still interested but money is tight, enroll by midnight, today, and you will be able to pay $375 now and $375 January 20, 2024. How does that sound? Those who enroll at this special price can click on the unique PayPal link here to complete the process.

If you would like to go ahead and pay the full price ($750) now, click here.

Dates to Remember:
December 14, 2023... release to general public if all seats are not filled by this date (only 3 left )
December 20, 2023... enrollment to close
December 27, 2023... format of class and other information will be sent to enrolled students.
January 4, 2024... first class and subsequent classes will be on the first Thursday of each succeeding month, from January-June, 2024. All classes will be on Zoom, from 6-8pm (MST).

I look forward to seeing former students who have chosen to take their photography up a notch or two and meeting new students. I will probably learn as much, if not more, than you. This could very well be an experience you and I will never forget. Join those who have already signed up.

Click here for additional information and to enroll. Don't be bashful. You have questions... I have answers.

Previous student comments:
"It was an excellent class and I enjoyed the creative environment the instructor provided. The class assignments were focused and helpful." DP

"I did come out of the course 'Seeing with a New Eye.'" BJ

Image: Still Life, ©Cecilia Castillo, UNMCE Class of Spring 2023

If you have any challenges with any of the links, let me know.

Thank you!
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