January, 25 2024 • Issue 77
Shadow & Light Magazine
Wow! 2024... really?

As you probably know by now, the January/February 2024 issue of Shadow & Light Magazine (cover-pictured) is out and about. Subscribers are sending in kudos about the cover by Natalie Obermaier. She certainly deserves the accolades.

If you grab a $10 PDF subscription (annual/6 issues), you will receive the current issue free and your first subscribed issue will be the March/April 2024 issue.

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There is a new newsletter Tim has been working on that might interest some of you. It is called, "the starter," and will be sent to inboxes every Monday morning and will contain just a few lines and links that will serve to add a positive note to the beginning of your week. It will be released free for the first 4 issues then you will be able to subscribe for only $5/month. Tim simply tired of all the negativity in the our neighborhoods and around the world and decided to open the door of possibility and positivity. By following the link you will be directed to a copy of "the starter" on the distribution platform. The links will be live. Try it!

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Our very popular Single Image Showcase is back! You can put your work in front of more than 2,500 subscribers, curators, gallerists and publishers! For a great price, this a good way to get your work out there, in front of people who could make a difference in your creative life. There is room for only 4 more participants. For only $175 you will receive a full-page, 6-issue placement. That's only about $30 per issue.

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• We are bringing back the very popular Complete Bundle of Shadow & Light Magazine! this time we have assembled 56 issues for your perusal. If you do order it, you need to know that it will take a bit of time for the download.

It is available at the same price ($19.50) as the last offering of this classic package. We don't do this very often. This is the best value if you are missing issues in your subscription or if you have recently subscribed and you want to get caught up.

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The Art of Seeing #41: Benedict Brain shoots a fine‑art landscape... or does he?

Much of what I talk about in this column is about ‘looking’ and ‘seeing’ – which is why we call it The Art of Seeing. Today, I’m sharing an image of a horse in a field. It was taken while I was on a walk, not far from where I live. It’s not an image that fits into a bigger, more meaningful project: it was just taken for the sheer delight of seeing an opportunity and seizing the moment.

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Award-Winning Maven Magnetic Filters ‘Wave 2’ Adds Nearly 20 Filters

Just over a year after launching the Maven Magnetic Filter System, Michael the Maven has returned with a new wave of filters, adding much-requested filter variants to the color-coded magnetic filter family.

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Our Favorite Photography Books of 2023

It's not all words here at WIRED. Every one of our stories is brought to eye-popping life on the web and in print by our newsroom's photo desk. Each year, this award-winning team of photo editors compiles a list of their favorite photography books. What follows is a selection of their picks from 2023.

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Tips On Photographing A Simple Still Life Shot

You need to work where there’s plenty of light so position yourself near a window/ patio doors. Plain backgrounds, particularly reflective ones, work best. Still life tables that have a perspex base work well but try using a piece of white card or plastic tray if you don’t have one. If you have white plastic windowsills try setting your still life up on it but you may need to place a sheet of paper, netting or cloth on the glass to diffuse the light slightly.

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25 Photography Careers You Can Make Money With

Photography is an extremely flexible profession. While most other jobs are limited to a small handful of potential career paths, the world of photography is filled with possibilities. There is a significant and growing demand for photographers as well, as the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that demand for photography careers will increase by 17% from 2020 to 2030.

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25 Best Images of the Year-January 2024

U.S. News photo editors curate this month's most compelling images from at home and abroad.

This piece is all about the image.

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