March, 12 2024 • Issue 78
Well, now... buds are already forming, as our weather, here in New Mexico, is warming up. We do know, however, there is still more cold weather just around the bend! How about you?

The next issue of Shadow & Light Magazine is shaping up! So far, we have Jacque Rupp and her wonderfully poignant book, The Red Purse (pictured), as well as Julie Meridian, Sam Elkind, and Eduardo Fujii, along with Fritz Liedke, Tony Bonanno and Mccollum and Immel (of course!). A few more might be added in the next few days.

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There is a new newsletter Tim has been working on that might interest some of you. It is called, "the starter," and will be sent to inboxes every Monday morning and will contain just a few lines and links that will serve to add a positive note to the beginning of your week. It will be released free for the first 4 issues then you will be able to subscribe for only $6/month. Tim simply tired of all the negativity in the our neighborhoods and around the world and decided to open the door of possibility and positivity. By following the link you will be directed to a copy of "the starter" on the distribution platform. The links will be live. Try it!

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Our very popular Single Image Showcase is back! You can put your work in front of more than 2,500 subscribers, curators, gallerists and publishers! For a great price, this a good way to get your work out there, in front of people who could make a difference in your creative life. There is room for only 4 more participants. For only $175 you will receive a full-page, 6-issue placement. That's only about $30 per issue. Submissions will close 3/5/2024 and there are only 4 spots left!

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7 Top Tips For Minimalist Photography

Find out why you should think about the saying 'less is more' when taking some of your shots. The well known saying: 'Keep it simple stupid' is well known for a reason – it works. Yes, there are times when lots of compositional elements do work but by creating an almost 'empty' space, you can actually create a stronger image.

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New DJI Mic 2 brings AI noise cancellation, high-res sound, and a knob – plus we get hands-on.

DJI has just announced the all-new DJI Mic 2, an updated version of the company's dual-channel wireless mic system which boasts all-new AI noise cancelling tech, direct Bluetooth connection, improved sound resolution, and upgraded battery life.

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Super Bowl Images Get Amusing Art Comparisons

The popular social media account Art But Make It Sports has posted a series of hilarious images pairing Super Bowl LVIII moments with classic art pieces.

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“Create. Not for the money. Not for the fame. Not for the recognition. But for the pure joy of creating something and sharing it.”
Ernest Barbaric

Amazing Winners of the 2023 Drone Photo Awards Give a Fresh Perspective on the World

Israeli photographer Or Adar's aerial image of a mass protest against a government plan to overhaul the court system has won the 2023 Drone Photo Awards. Other award-winning images include a breathtaking photo of tightrope walker Nathan Paulin successfully traversing France's Aravis Range 1.5 miles above the ground, an elephant asleep on its side and a shot of the drought-riddled Colorado River basin that looks like drying lungs.

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The Secret Way I Save Money When Buying Gear

Buying equipment is as exciting as ever, if you ask me. While my tastes are probably slightly different than yours, in the sense that I buy '90s flash gear and DSLRs, I have been doing this for around five years and have come up with a few tips on how to save money when buying gear.

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Ice Crystal Photography Documenting an Ephemeral World

Winter is often regarded as the doldrums for nature and wildlife photographers here in Michigan. Despite the unusually warm weather this year, opportunities for outdoor photography have been quite limited.

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