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Congratulations are in order for Rosalie Rosenthal. She was discovered by yours truly when doing portfolio reviews for Los Angeles Center of Photography. This image (Ghost Mark) is from her series, "Midlife Tableaux." The issue will be released 3/15/2022. If you follow the link below, you will receive this issue plus the current issue at no additional charge.

Other Featured portfolios in this tissue: Douglas Dubler, Doug Landreth, Rosalie Rosenthal (LACP Reviews), Sean Perry, Richard S. Chow (LACP Reviews). Stephen Robeck will be giving us a quick look at his method of creating a complete package, with art and frame. E.E. McCollum writes about the image he wishes he had not taken and Steve Immel takes a nostalgic look at the Route of the Silver King. I hope you join us. You still have time to sign up for our $10/annual (6 issue) subscription. Just follow the link, below.

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