July 11, 2022
Sony Lenses-eBay
A few updates, reader!

Sony System: The camera is gone, but I still have the three lenses at great bundle pricing!
P.S.: Thanks to Katy for forwarding the Sony sale to a friend who picked up the camera at a great price!

• I am working on a new Zoom workshop series based in my very popular photography classes at University of New Mexico Continuing Education. I am working on dates and time details. It will be 8 weekly classes that will focus on looking at viewing potential images: Photography: Creating a New Vision.

• Also, in my creative pursuit is a new way (for me) to display my prints in a manner that is much more pleasing on the eye and to the senses: NO GLASS, NO REFLECTIONS! For the 20x16 image below, I was about 3ft away, with no reflection or loss of image quality. It works great for color/toned images and I will be testing black-and-white prints very soon! Stay tuned...

• The September/October issue of Shadow & Light Magazine will feature the results of a call-for-entry for Landscape photography. The usual rules and regulations apply.

If you have any questions or considerations, just click on the "Contact Me" button below the image.

Thank you!