January 3, 2023
Happy New Year, reader

Sorry about that! For whatever reason the link to payment for Mindful Matters was kaput! I have placed a new link and I can only hope... I only had to go through "security" once, this time!

• The new publication for E.E. McCollum, Mindful Matters, is off to the esteemed author for final proofing. There are a few days left to get in on the pre-order price of $10. For that price you will receive a special exclusive portfolio, which will be removed for general distribution. General distribution price will be $14.50!

The 2023 Shadow & Light Magazine Black & White CFE will be closing January 5, 2023. You still have time! IF YOU HAVE ALREADY ENTERED BUT HAVEN'T SENT YOU IMAGES YET, PLEASE GET THEM IN. Click on the link above for additional information.

Image: Karen Numme, 2023 Black & White entrant.
If you have any challenges at all with the links, let me know.
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