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Questions answered:
1. Can I use different images, or am I stuck with one image?
You can use a different image with each issue.
2. Is this notice being sent out to "everyone?"
No. Only those who have been in a previous issue of Shadow & Light Magazine are eligible for publication in Single Image Showcase.
3. How many photographers will you be including in this section?
Realistically, I only have room for up to 15 photographers. Which means this is being offered on a first come, first served basis. At this time there are eight spaces left.
4. Do we have to have our own website?
You have to have some means of communicating with those who click on your link in the magazine. They will want to see more of your work. That's the main reason this new section is being offered.

****Specs: 8x10-inches (or equivalent), jpg, rgb, 300dpi (for the print edition). That's it!

Note: As soon as the slots are filled I will disable the PayPal link.

I hope some of your questions have been answered. If you have any more, let me know by clicking on the link at the bottom of this notice...

If you are receiving this offer you are a member of a very select group of photographic artists. You have been published in Shadow & Light Magazine. I take great pleasure and pride in viewing each and every issue multiple times, from number one through the recent Color It Red 2019 Special Issue (#28).

I would like to institute a new section in the magazine: Single Image Showcase. This section will only include people who have been published within its pages.

I would like to offer one full page, which will feature one image (see above) per photographer for only $175/prepaid for six issues. That's less than $30 page, but it will aid me greatly in continuing publication. Those of you who decide to take advantage of this offer will be able to switch images with each issue, but the format will remain the same. This will be the last notice about this offer.

There will be an introductory page explaining the new section. At the end of the annual fee period each person will be able to extend their page for another year at the same price. This way I am able to keep Shadow & Light Magazine a venue for photographers.

I should add that each issue is distributed to members of AIPAD*, a distinguished organization with worldwide membership. It is also sent to a select list of curators, publishers, and gallerists. This offer is not being made to anyone else.

*The Association of International Photography Art Dealers (116 members)

***If you have any questions or considerations please email me, here.

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