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We are announcing a call-for-entry for the September/October 2020 issue, featuring “Portraits.”
Our first “Portraits” issue was so popular, we decided to continue with it.

As with most of our calls-for-entry the rules are simple:
1. All submissions must be photo-based, color or black and white
2. All images can’t be more than two-years old
3. Submitter must be the original creator of the image
4. All images must display at least one significant part of the human body.
5. Sizes: all work submitted must be 8.5×12-inches (or equivalent), sRGB, 300dpi
6. All work can be submitted in multiple downloads
7. Titles must accompany submission
8. Strict naming guidelines will be expected
(tanderson-portraits-01.jpg, 01, 02, 03, 04, etc.)
9. Photographers retain all rights to images
10. Shadow & Light Magazine may use images for promotion and publicity only

Shadow & Light Magazine-PortraitsWhat winners will receive:
Grand Prize Winner:
• Issue Cover
• Exclusive Interview
• 12-page Portfolio Display
• Printed copy of issue

Up to six additional winning portfolios of 10-images
All winners will have their portfolios displayed in a Special Gallery in the Shadow & Light Magazine site

For any submission process we will not accept the following:
• Full-frontal nudity
• Nude images of people under the age of 18.
• Violent acts against any body or any thing
If you question our acceptance of any image, it would probably be best to not submit that picture.
image: 2019 Grand Prize Winner: Kevin Black

Enter here for only $20/10 images! Last day to enter is today!



This special issue will also be distributed to more than 200 curators, gallerists, museum curators, publishers, etc.