We are deeply grateful to all those who thought enough of Shadow & Light Magazine to send in a few comments. Thank you!

• I really LOVE the magazine. You feature such a wide variety of artists and the work is shown large enough to enjoy! The presentation and design is always clean. Your choice of articles is also excellent. I really think that Shadow and Light is one of the best photography showcases. I continue to support you and tell all my students about the magazine, too. (Bobbi Lane)

• Just a note of appreciation.  I really like how you select and assemble what is in your issues. Thanks for making this world better. (Joe C.)

• Thanks…again… another fantastic issue! I will never tire of reading your publication!!!! (Bobbie Goodrich)

• This is a great issue. I have looked at every image and read every word and I do not even mind that I have not gotten anything done that I had planned to do yesterday and today. (Jo)

• I just wanted to say “thank you” for featuring my series Not In Kansas in the Color It Red issue. I’ve just ordered some copies and had a look at the download version, it looks amazing!! I feel very honoured to have my work featured amongst such fantastic talent! (Vicky Martin)

• I thought it was time (well past time, actually) that I let you know how much I like Shadow & Light Magazine. In Issue 21, Fran Forman’s pictures were just fabulous, and from a brief look at Issue 22, Jim Hontz and Dale Niles are great! What I look for in a photography magazine is inspiration, and I find it in Shadow & Light. Thank you and your contributors very much. (Victoria Holt)

• I am always searching for good magazines to do with photography and I especially value those magazines that discuss concept and vision and showcase good quality work. I have been purchasing back issues of your magazine for a while now and thoroughly enjoy them. (Peter)

• Wow, Tim, this issue looks great—just flipping through it quickly since I just got it! I love your intro—yes, banned in Utah—one of my proudest moments! Thanks so very much for featuring my work—again! Keep up the good work, Tim. I’m sure it is just that—a lot of work. But such a great result! (Brigitte)

• Thank you again for helping to make 2017 a banner year for my photographs. I am extremely proud to have had my sticky-note portfolio in the March-April issue of Shadow & Light. I recently took advantage of your generous bundled offer and am blown away by the quality of the contents. There is so much inspiration there, I have to “sip” slowly at each issue. (Catherine)

• Fascinating issue with striking images – encaustics are certainly beyond my ability! (Norm)

• I would like to compliment you on the quality of your Magazine. Some of the articles truly touch on the artistic essence of photography, Andrew Ilachinsky- The Tao of Photography or George DeWolfe- Contemplative Photography, to name a couple. Great job! (Milan)

• It’s a really wonderful publication – I look forward to getting stuck in :). (Joseph)

• The March-April issue of Shadow & Light Magazine is superb. What a wonderfully diverse range of subjects, all beautifully presented! The quality of the photographs is outstanding and inspiring. I feel the deepest admiration for each photographer whose work is included. Am proud and humbled to be among them!

Having spent many years as a manuscript editor, I am aware of all the work involved in putting a magazine together. Shadow & Light Magazine sets the standard for fine art photography magazines. It’s a joy to see this issue’s collection of beautiful, imaginative, playful, and creative images.

Thank you for presenting my work to your readers and for your ongoing efforts on behalf of photographers everywhere. (Catherine)

• Thank you, Tim for the generous exposure. The issue is fantastic. The images (the other images) are all stunning. Thank you for producing such a high-quality fine art magazine. (Eduardo)