This page features comments from Shadow & Light Magazine readers, contributors, and subscribers. We thank you, one and all, for your continued support of Shadow & Light Magazine.

• The March-April issue of Shadow & Light Magazine is superb. What a wonderfully diverse range of subjects, all beautifully presented! The quality of the photographs is outstanding and inspiring. I feel the deepest admiration for each photographer whose work is included. Am proud and humbled to be among them!

Having spent many years as a manuscript editor, I am aware of all the work involved in putting a magazine together. Shadow & Light Magazine sets the standard for fine art photography magazines. It’s a joy to see this issue’s collection of beautiful, imaginative, playful, and creative images.

Thank you for presenting my work to your readers and for your ongoing efforts on behalf of photographers everywhere.
• Thank you, Tim for the generous exposure. The issue is fantastic. The images (the other images) are all stunning.Thank you for producing such a high-quality fine art magazine.


• Thank you to Tim Anderson and Shadow & Light Magazine for this wonderful exposure. I met Tim in 2005 when he was the Editor of CameraArts and he has been working hard to shine a light on photographers ever since…
• I’ve been consumed with this issue all morning and will continue to digest it over time.  Thanks again. I really enjoy all your work.
• Once again…SUPERB!
Regards,  Andy
• Oh yes, I wanted to purchase one as soon as it came out. It’s beautiful and I’m honored to be included with other really good photographers.

Thank you.
Best, Cetywa

• Thank you for the engaging and stimulating magazine! I ran across it online… Definitely look forward to enjoying the rich material in your magazine soon.
My best, Diane
• Only just now had a chance to read the whole magazine—well, not the whole magazine—but I’m getting to that. I just wanted to thank you again for featuring my work and my words. I think I’ve sent the issue to everyone I know. 🙂 I hope it generates lots of new subscriptions. I do appreciate this so much.  And I especially love how you so smartly edited out all the extraneous, and made me sound, well, coherent. They were great interview questions. Very very nicely done, Tim, and I couldn’t be happier. I’m so pleased and honored to be in it. You’ve made my year!


• Very good issue of shadow and light! Strong and powerful imagery.. good stuff by DeWolfe. Liked your piece about Lucien Clergue. Was in his landscape a bit last Spring and couldn’t help but note and understand about his desire to have his ashes spread among the sands of the Camargue.

• I would like to say that one of the things I like about Shadow & Light is the diversity of photographic images you manage to show in each issue.  There is a “sameness” to the images often shown in other publications that often annoys me.  I look forward to seeing what you will come up with in each issue.

Also the articles by you and others are informative, thought provoking, and entertaining, and Ilook forward to spending some time with each new issue.
Regards, Joanne

• Thank you for a really brilliant magazine with great articles, full of really useful information. This is one magazine that I will be reading again. I am already looking forward to the next publication.
Take care, best regards

• I have downloaded new issue of Shadow and Light and just wanted to say congratulations to all involved. I also wanted to let you know how much I appreciate being included amongst the single images and how impressive the calibre of images throughout the magazine is…well done.
Kind regards, Tracey Jones

• You outdid yourself once again.  It’s a beautiful issue with some stunning work that puts me in my place and encourages me to work harder.  I don’t know of another print or online magazine with quite the same focus (no pun) and content.

• First and foremost, it must be said the photographic publication Shadow & Light Magazine is an absolute pleasure to indulge in as a reader. This publication is not one that just scratches the surface of a given topic to discuss photography on a superficial level. The articles, interviews and images within the magazine quickly conjure the heart and soul of photography from a multitude of different angles.
Many thanks, Bill

• With this in mind, Shadow & Light presents an eclectic array of professional photographers with their signature portfolios and stories. Throughout a collection of interviews Shadow & Light weaves together deep discussions that address dense topics such as: product verses art, finding one’s own artistic identity, the importance of taking value from failures, and dissecting the contextual layers that have influenced the pricing and sale of art throughout history. Throughout the collection of interviews, Shadow & Light puts an emphasis on the importance of photographers using storytelling as a means to further connect their viewers to their images.

This is a publication that resonates with photographers by celebrating the elegant means in which light and shadow have the ability to convey form, texture, and depth along with subtle and robust colors. However, the captivating images paired along with a rich expressive style of writing makes Shadow & Light a publication that even leaves non-photographers eager for the release of the next issue.
Abby Boling, Studio Assistant, The Artistic Image; Creative Consultant, Elements Studio

• I just wanted you to know that I read issue 01 from cover to cover. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I have already ordered two of the books mentioned in it. I have also recommended to several photographers that they subscribe to Shadow & Light Magazine.

Keep up the good work, and keep up the quality of its content. The photographic community needs something such as this to promote quality images and to stimulate photographers to strive to do better.
Bob Laetare, The Artistic Image

• Thanks so much for the write-up. The piece looks wonderful and it’s perfectly timed for the show on the 15th. I’ve shared the story on Facebook and twitter so I hope you gain readers quickly. The magazine is terrific and I wish you great success.
Barbara Cole, photographer

• First off, I can’t tell you how exceptional this magazine is. You and your staff have done a stellar job. I am still shell shocked to be included in this inaugural edition, and thrilled to be apart of history! I wish you many years of success. It is very much a work of love and dedication and passion to produce page after page of beauty and inspiration and education.
Karen Schueneman, photographer

• Like it, just like I enjoyed the 1st preview issue.  Interesting and inspiring selection of artists.

A brilliant magazine. I look forward to re-reading it several times. (Richard)

• This Special Notice reminded me that I have yet to thank you for featuring my work in your #5 issue of Shadow and Light. I have received many compliments and congratulations! Quite an honor! Barbara Collins

• As a reader of CameraArts, then Camera and Darkroom which became Photo Techniques, it is good to know those doing this magazine are back!