Shadow & Light Magazine, November/December 2017

Shadow & Light Magazine

This issue, November/December 2017, is all about Black-and-White photography . We took a singular portfolio we new we were going to feature, and added a few more photographers and voilá we had another Special Issue. Elizabeth Opalenik is our featured photographer who offers a look at some new work as well as a few images of her earlier iconic work.

The issue also features Mary Anne Mitchell, Jim Kazanjian, Carol Erb, Dotan Saguy, Cole Thompson, Jamie Johnson, and Mitchell Hartman. Rounding out this issue Alain Briot further explains Abstractionism in Black and White, and E.E. McCollum offers us his thoughts on Photographs as Experience.


Black-and-White Special Issue
Table of Contents: Featured Photographer, Elizabeth Opalenik
Showcase Portfolios: Mary Anne Mitchell, Carol Erb, Jim Kazanjian, Cole Thompson, Jamie Johnson, Dotan Saguy, Mitchell Hartman
• Mindful Matters: E.E. McCollum, Photographs as Experience
• Artful Inquiry: Alain Briot, Part 4, Abstraction in Black-and-White
• Endpaper: Tim Anderson, Angel

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