slm-bundle-2Welcome to the Second Annual Bundle of Shadow & Light Magazine. For $13.50 you will receive six complete issues of the PDF photography magazine that gains in popularity with each issue published. With more than 145 photographers have been published since its inaugural year of publication, Shadow & Light Magazine continues to discover new talent as well as offer to our readers those photographic talents who have already captured our attention.

November/December 2015
Featured Photographer: Diana Bloomfield
Showcase Photographers: Erika Masterson, James Nicholls, Leigh Anne Langwell, Jessica Duke
Turning Pages: Brady Wilks, Alternative Photographic Processes
Mindful Matters, Sandra Djak Kovacs, The Value of a Photograph
On the Road: Tim Anderson Takes on Paris
Tips & Techniques: The Art of the Portrait

January/February 2016
Featured Photographer: Aline Smithson
Showcase Photographers: Barbara Leven, E.E. McCollum, Cetywa Powell, Rebecca Sexton Larson
MarketPlace: Alain Briot
Turning Pages: Steve Richard, OBSCURO
Mindful Matters, Beate Chelette, The Big Reveal
In the Studio: Helen K. Garber on Hahnemühle Papers
Tips & Techniques: 6 Ways to Get Noticed in 2016

March/April 2016
Featured Photographer, Eduardo Fujii
Showcase Photographers: Sharon Covert, Dale Niles, Ed Freeman, Sherrie Nickol, Brett Henrikson
MarketPlace, Alain Briot
Road Warriors, Chasing the Light
Mindful Matters, E.E. McCollum
Turning Pages, Aline Smithson, Self & Others
Tips & Technique, Depth of Field
Singe Image Showcase: Barbara Leven, Greg Smith, Susan Brandt Graham, Hiroshi Hayakawa, Sonia Melnikova-Raich

May/June 2016
Featured Photographer: Jennifer B. Thoreson
Showcase Photographers: Greg Smith, Robert Medina Cook, Stefan Wachs, Jennifer Schlesinger
MarketPlace, Alain Briot
Mindful Matters, Brooks Jensen, Trolling for Fools
Notes From LA: Mapplethorpe at the Getty and LACMA
Turning Pages, Jamey Stillings, The Evolution of Ivanpah
Shadow & Light Magazine Showcase Gallery
Hands-On: Douglas Dubler, The Progression of a Professional
Singe Image Showcase: Bill Pappas, Bob Newman, Rebecca Golding

July/August 2016
Featured Photographer: David Pinney
Showcase Photographers: K.K. DePaul, Terryl Lee Allen, Allan Barnes, Michael Kahn
MarketPlace: Alain Briot
Turning Pages: Debbie Fleming Caffery, Alphabet
Déja Vu: Sally Mann, Southern Landscapes
Mindful Matters: Brooks Jensen, What Size the Edition?
Road Warriors: Dan Shaffer, Making it Work
This Just In!: Crusade Engagement Grant, Bruce McKaig, winner
Single Image Showcase: Amy Kanka Valadarsky, Jerry Kelley, Michael Jantzen

September/October 2016
Featured Photographer • Susan Burnstine
Showcase Photographers: Kevin Horan, Mary Daniel Hobson, Tommy Ingberg, Niniane Kelley
MarketPlace • Alain Briot
Turning Pages • Susan S. Bank: Piercing the Darkness
Mindful Matters • E.E. MCollum: Intentions, and a walk in Santa Fe
First Look: Bobbi Lane, Fuji X2 Review with Hurrell Style Photos
Déja Vu • Builder Levy: Appalachia, USA
Endpaper • Tim Anderson, The Turning
Single Image Showcase: Theresa Airey, Curtis Salonick