Shadow & Light Magazine • Black & White IssueShadow & Light Magazine, Special Black & White Issue, November/December 2021

Grand Prize Cover Artist:
Susan Brandt Graham (pictured), Floral Fantasies
Prizes: ThinkTank Urban Approach 15 Camera Bag ($177.79), Red River Paper $250 Gift Certificate
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Black & White Showcase Portfolios:
• Dale Niles
• Danielle Austen
• Alan Gaynor
• Marjorie Green
• Janet Matthews
• Lawrence Manning
• France Leclerc

Black & White Showcase Mini Portfolios:
• Irving Greines
• Catharine Carter
• Terryl Allen
• Denise Coleman
• Jane Ivory
• Jennifer Bong

Black & White Online Single Image Showcase:
Each of the semi-finalist winners and all who made it into the finals will have one image displayed in the Special Online Gallery of Black & White Winners: Aimee McCrory, Alan Gaynor, Catharine Carter, Dale Niles, Danielle Austen, Denise Coleman, France Leclerc, Gary Hook, Irving Greines, Jane Ivory, Janet Matthews, Jennifer Bong, Jim Hontz, John Custodio, John Simmons, Judith Guenther, Lawrence Manning, Lori Pond, Marjorie Green, Monica Cioffi, Roger Parvin, Sam Elkind, Sean Sullivan, Sonia Melnikova-Raich, Steve Knight, Steve Zmak, Susan Annable, Susan Brandt Graham, Susan Phillips, Terrence Mulcahy, Terryl Allen, Tim Walters, Vered Galor.

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