Shadow & Light Magazine, November/December 2018

Welcome to this Special Edition of Shadow & Light Magazine.

The theme of this issue, Women Only Portfolios, was inspired by the work of Renée Jacobs and her wife/partner/muse Wendy Hicks, who have created Photos de Femmes, a photo festival in France focusing on promoting powerful images of women. The first exhibit is entitled, “womenSEEwomen,” which will feature the work of Carmen de Vos, Elizabeth Opalenik, Susan de Witt, Jacqueline Roberts, Maggie Steber, Ann Silver, Sarah Hadley, and Renée Jacobs. We had a Q&A with Renée recently and you can read it all in this issue.

Rounding out the portfolio section is: Maggie Taylor, Susan Hillyard, Niki Boon, Janney-Claire Alexi, Emma Powell, and Josephine Sacabo.

E.E. McCollum, Steve Immel, and Alain Briot contribute timely and informative articles.

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