Shadow & Light Magazine, May/June 2021

Shadow & Light MagazineCover Artist:
Showcase Featured Photographer:
Kat Moser

Showcase Portfolios:
• Steven Bundy
• Amy Ditto
• Deb Schwedhelm
• Karin Hillmer

• Artful Inquiry: Alain Briot: My Favorite Printing Papers
• Telling Stories: Steve Immel, Invasive Species
• Mindful Matters: E.E. Mc Collum: Old Ideas • New Visions
• Daytrippin’: Tim Anderson, Chaco Canyon
• Turning Pages: Sarah Hadley, Lost Venice (review)

Single Image Showcase:
Andy Ilachinsky
Janney-Claire Alexa
Susan Hillyard
Terri Gold
David Duplessie

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