Welcome to Shadow & Light Magazine, March/April 2023

Shadow & Light Magazine, March/April 2023The working theme for this issue was Potpourri, in reference to the variety of photographic art on the pages. We go from surrealist (Fran Forman) to meditative (David Gray and Sam Elkind) to mathematical (Don Werthmann) to poignant (Tom Chambers) to introspective (Richard Dweck) to kinetic movement (Mary Zaremba).

E.E. McCollum tries (?) to place his tripod where Ansel Adams placed his while photographing “Moonlight Over Hernandez.” He discovered that it is not very easy to walk in a giant’s footsteps.

Steve Immel enlightens us about “the mother ship of northern New Mexico’s 35 Catholic lay chapels.” This is a very informative piece about a period in New Mexico that is very much misunderstood.

I am very happy to announce that we finally finished the release of a book of E.E. McCollum’s essays from  his columns in Shadow & Light Magazine. There are 15 essays by the author for this publication. After several lunch meetings to look over a few physical proofs, “Mindful Matters, essays on photography,” is ready to hold in your hands. You can read more about this wonderful undertaking on page 43.


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