Happy New Year, one and all!

As most people do I came into the New Year with a bunch of hope and anticipation of a very good year (I am a very positive after all, you know)!

Shadow & Light Magazine gained many new subscribers in the last year so the growth curve is looking very promising. We have decided to keep the Annual Subscription rate at $10/6 issues! We will also be adding a great benefit for subscribing. For all subscribers we will be creating three new magazines (PDF) that will be sent out to them with suggest titles of The Nude, Alternative Processes, and The Portrait. We will begin working on the first one shortly after we finish up with the next issue of Shadow & Light Magazine, January/February 2022. We will fill you in on details once we begin the process.

Another thing that is already up is we will be creating videos for our Youtube channel that will keep you posted on what’s happening with Shadow & Light Magazine as well as what is coming up in future issues, Spotlight Features, and updates within our realm of the publishing world. Click here to view the video