Shadow & Light Magazine Black & White-Heidi EgermanHeidi Egerman is the 2023 Grand Prize winner of the Shadow & Light Magazine 2023 Black & White contest! She wins the cover and will have her portfolio published as the Featured Artist in the January/February 2023 issue of Shadow & Light Magazine. She also wins a print issue of the magazine, as well as a ThinkTank Vision 15 camera bag from Think Tank Photo.

6-8 runners-up will each have their portfolios published as a Showcase Portfolio, with 4-6 winners will have 5 images in published as a Showcase Mini Portfolio. Sixteen finalists will have one of their images selected to be included in the Single Image Showcase, a full page for each image.

Showcase Portfolios: Heidi Egerman, Jeff Schewe, Janet Morrison, John Custodio, Darcie Sternenberg, Marj Green, Steve Immel, Danielle Austen, Ilen Fox, Karen Numme, Lev Spiro

Single Image Showcase Winners: Jane Ivory, Mike Eubanks, Kathleen Gerber, Vered Galor, Maria Zandejas, Judy Guenther, Steve Huth, Nancy Kaye-Levin, Beatriz Martinez, Alison Lake, Marc Malin, Debra Mastronardi, David Quinn, Michael Mirabito, Chester Ng, Cathy Prins

Up to 25 finalists will have their work featured in the Black & White 2023 Online Gallery at, which will be announced January 20, 2023.

Congratulations, all!

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