Shadow & Light Magazine, March/April 2018

Shadow & Light Magazine, March/April 2018
Special Color It Red 2018 Issue!

This issue, March/April 2018, features Color It Red 2018 winners! Jim Hontz came in as the overall winner, and won the cover (left) of this issue as the Grand Prize!

Filling out this issue are Color It Red 2018 Showcase Portfolio winners: Irving Greines, Dale Niles, Rei Ben, Vicky Martin, and Cathy Panebianco. Congratulations!

The issue also features Alain Briot offering his insight on color in abstraction and E.E. McCollum sets his pen aside and moves from his regular columnist role into a Showcase Portfolio with a selection of his exquisite Dance images. Tim takes up the pen with a couple of reviews. First up is Series of Dreams, an excellent book of wonderful imagery, edited by Russell Joslin, that could serve to make you think a bit more about what you see and think!

Also reviewed is the very efficient Tenba 30 messenger/camera bag. Once you read this review you may just want to click on the link and pick one up!


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