shadow-and-light-magazine-susan-burnstine-within-shadows-coverOne of the hardest-working photographers I know, Susan Burnstine has finally been able to align the stars perfectly for the release of her new book, “Within Shadows.” If you are fortunate enough to already have one of her prints, be ready for its value to increase.
Published by CHARTA, “Within Shadows” will be a must-have for collectors and photographers, as well as artists of all stripes. Designed with the full concept in mind, shadows, Susan has created a work of art, and not just one more book by yet another quick-to-publish, one-hit-wonder wannabe artist.

Rather than coming out of nowhere to grab the multi-filtered spotlight of “instant” success, she has risen ever so slowly; working it all over the world, almost 24/7. It seems as though each time I have been able to have a chat with her she is just returning from this festival or that portfolio review.

The result of all that effort is gently distilled into 100 pages of sumptuous photography, highlighted by text from gallerist Susan Spiritus; editor and publisher, Russel Joslin; as well as a wonderful intro by George Slade, curator and program manger at the Photographic Resource Center.

This would be, however, a very worthwhile book without any text at all. Each individual picture stands on its own merit with much to be thought about and swallowed, for future dissemination, perhaps with a glass of robust red wine and low lights.

Nothing shouts at you to “Look at me!” There are no bright lights; no loud horns blasting… just subtle urgings to step into a world of infinite possibilities, and wondrous reflection.

As you can tell, I like this book a lot. I receive many books that just go onto my over-stuffed bookshelf behind my desk. This one is going home, where it belongs!

Within Shadows

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