Shadow & Light Magazine LogoShadow & Light Magazine is a bi-monthly, subscription-based PDF/print publication designed for photographers across all levels of photography offering valuable information about a range of photographic subjects including portfolios, and individual images, along with interviews and in-depth essays. It is also designed for the photographer who desires to present their work to a large audience, including curators, collectors, gallerists, and photography peers and professionals.

Shadow & Light Magazine is an online/print photography magazine that couldn’t wait any longer to be published. It is about “The Art of Photography,” and is the brainchild of Tim Anderson, the publisher/editor of The Journal (newsletter), and the former publisher/managing editor of CameraArts magazine.

Since CameraArts ceased publication in 2008, Anderson has focused his attention on The Journal, and has brought the bi-monthly publication to a world-wide subscriber base of more than 2,500 and it enjoys an average open rate of 50%+.

Early in 2014 the idea for an online magazine began to stir Anderson’s imagination. Much research was undertaken, without locating the kind of online magazine he wanted to release. He was almost hoping he could have found one. He had even been asked by several close friends if he was ever going to publish another magazine, to which he replied, “I don’t think so.”

In 2014, however, the “I don’t think so,” turned into “I can’t not do this.” Thus Shadow & Light Magazine was born. The premise for the new online/print photography magazine is to showcase up-and-coming, as well as those photographers who are on the “cusp” of success. Two other areas, education and marketing, will be addressed, also, for (as we all know) you can’t go anywhere without both.

At the present time there will be several regular sections:
Featured Photographer: One photographer is selected for an in-depth interview
Showcase Portfolios: Photographers display their work, each in a 10-page layout, without ad interference
Mindful Matters:  Columnist, E.E. McCollum offers his insights into the subtly of photography and how it can be an emotional experience.
Turning Pages: Periodic Photography book reviews
Road Warriors: Periodic tips & techniques from professional photographers who spend a lot of time on the road.

Anderson will be looking to his subscribers and single-issue purchasers to assist in the magazine’s evolution in the marketplace. Comments are always welcome!