Shadow & Light Magazine enters 2015!

shadow-and-light-magazine-chris-anthony-ambrosia-2-cover-fbWith two issues of Shadow & Light Magazine under our belts, we are ready to enter 2015 with great enthusiasm. We have already featured more than two-dozen photographers and are excited about the coming issue and who will be featured. Will it be you? Check the “Calls-for-Entry” tab above and select how you would like to be included in upcoming issues. It’s easy!

Our Featured Photographer for the January/February 2015 issue is Chris Anthony. The new cover is illustrated to the left. Our Art Director, Ann Hart Marquis, picked this one over many stellar candidates from Anthony’s collection. Once you read the feature and view images, you will most certainly agree.


Shadow & Light Magazine • January/February 2015
Featured Photographer: Chris Anthony
MarketPlace: Alain Briot
Backstage: CENTER, Santa Fe
Showcase Portfolio: Cole Thompson
Turning Pages: Janet Russek (The Tenuous Stem), Tom Pershinger (Photography Beyond Technique)
Showcase Portfolio: Carla Berger
OnSite: Daniel Milnor
Showcase Portfolio: Ruthie Schneider
The Tao of Photography: Andrew Ilachinsky
Point of Review: Judith Farber & Tim Anderson are introduced
Road Warriors: David Wells
2015 Farewell: Our look at those who passed
Single Image Showcase: John Boedeker, Curtis Salonick, Fran Saunders, Joseph Calleri, Meredith Mullins, Nomeca  Hartwell, Joseph O’Neill, Sandy Scott, Shania Sears, and Steve Sullivan