The Color It Red 2021 Gallery is finally here! There are 35 images selected from those featured in the Color It Red Special Edition of Shadow & Light Magazine, as well as selections from other entries. In this gallery you will see images from:

Grand Prize winner and cover artist
J. Felice Boucher

Portfolio Finalists: J.P. Terlizzi, Dale Niles, Jennifer Bong, Sheba Amante, Bobbi Lane, Mara Zaslove,

Single Image Showcase: France Leclerc, Amy Ditto, Irving Greines, Greg Smith, Judith Guenther, Lawrence Manning, Barbara Leven, Dede Pickering, Rhonda Speidell, Ron Cooper, Sally Bucko, Vered Galor, Karen Tillison, Wendy Kappy,

Special Entry Selections: Wilson Hurst, Carla Berger, Robert Nowlan, Mark Reid, Laura Malaterra, Meredith Mullins, Mark Indig, Beau Lippman, Eric Burrows, Michael Stimola, Sally Bucko, Bob Newman, Christopher Morse, Irving Greines